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Sell with us

Earn 100% sale price

€25 fee per item

No hidden costs – we take ZERO commission!


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How It Works


Selling or Buying

We take ZERO commission, no hidden charges or fees.  There is a one-off payment fee of €25 to list an item.  You earn 100% of the sale price.

List your item, ensure your photos are clear to show your item in the best possible way.  The better the photo, the faster it will sell.

Transactions are conducted between buyer and seller.   The seller has the choice to accept returns and to negotiate the price.

As a buyer, once you see an item you like, click on the product and enquire directly with the seller.


Payment Methods

Payment methods are decided between buyer and seller. Such methods could include cash if meeting in person or electronic methods such as revolut or bank transfer.


Delivery Methods

Delivery and how the item is exchanged is between buyer and seller. Normally this is done through courier or postal services. In some cases, a safe public location may be chosen to meet and complete the transaction when exchanging items such as a wedding dress.


Preloved Designer Items